Meet Procedures

This document describes the NVWF meet procedures. The Attachment has associated attachments.

Regional Tournament Special Considerations

This document describes the differences between the regular meets scheduled during the season and the Regional meet. The pairing and procedures are different.


Attachment A – Equipment
Attachment B – Sample Timetables
Attachment C – Sample Table Assignments
Attachment C1 – Computer Registration, Pairing, Run Meet
Attachment C2 – Computer Workflow
Attachment D1 – Paper Flow Diagram
Attachment D2 – Ten Station Layout
Attachment E – Manning Description
Attachment F – Max Weight
Attachment G – Referee Coordinator
Attachment H – Referee Instructions
Attachment I – NVWF Special Rules
Attachment J – 6 Man Bracket Sheet
Attachment J1 – 4&5 Man Bracket Sheet
Attachment K – Bout Sheet Sample
Attachment L – Parent Meeting
Attachment M – Communicable Deseases
Attachment N – School & Property Damage Report