USA Wrestling Instructions for Background Checks and Other Things

Regarding how many people must be Wrestling Leaders in a club, the answer is two, with a minimum of one Wrestling Leader at practice. So let’s say that you and I are the two Wrestling Leader members for the club but we’re both gone… someone else who is running practice would need to have his/her membership.

We have tutorial videos put together where one can watch how to complete each of the following tasks in our membership system (whichever are applicable). I think these are much easier to follow than screenshots, as the user can back the video up and re-watch anything that is needed.

As a general link, all tutorial videos can be found at Let me know if you have any questions.

There is no change in the requirement on what is needed in order to become a Wrestling Leader, but the SafeSport training is now built into the membership system so one does not have to create an account with SafeSport. This is much easier than previously, but that’s the only change.

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Boys wrestlers in tournament.

USA Memberships & Cards

Once a wrestler, coach, or parent purchases an annual membership with USA Wrestling, they automatically receive insurance coverage as part of their fee.

Annual memberships are for the period of time September through August each year.

Membership levels:

  • Folkstyle only is the cheapest and first level.
  • Folkstyle and Freestyle are next.
  • Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman are another.

Membership purchases may be initiated by anyone, however, most NVWF club managers purchase memberships for wrestlers that register in the NVWF as part of the registration process.

Initiate new memberships and printing membership cards at:

  • If you forgot your ID and password, merely select “forgot” and type the email that you previously used to register with USA Wrestling or the one that was used to register with NVWF or your club.
  • An immediate response is sent to that email with the ID and password.
  • Type them into the fields, then proceed to “print cards” on the right side of the window.

Background investigations and certifications

All adults that want to coach are required to obtain a certificate or email notification that shows a successful completion of the background evaluation, and shall come from the private process identified on the USA Wrestling website.

The process is initiated by the person pursuing the evaluation, and generally takes anywhere between a couple of days to several weeks depending on each person.

Submit the paper showing successful completion to NVWF and club staff for the files.

Coaches Certification

All coaches are required to obtain an annual USA Coach membership card which is generally reimbursed by DSYS. The membership and card may be obtained after the background evaluation is complete. A bronze certification is good enough.