Coaches are required to maintain their own records and files. Coaches are required to submit proof of completion certificates (available upon completion of each course) to public officials or league administrators if asked. The league will not be maintaining records and files for each coach; it is the responsibility of each individual coach or affiliated club to maintain such records. This allows information sharing, satisfaction of eduction/certification requirements, and abilities to keep administrative costs to a minimum for a volunteer based organization.

Mandatory COVID Education Courses Online

COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators ~ Click Here

Mandatory Courses for Coaches Online

  • Concussions in sports (free) ~ Click Here
  • Concussions for Students Course (free) ~ Click Here
  • Sportsmanship Course (free) ~ Click Here
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest (free) ~ Click Here
  • Heat Illness Prevention (free and required for events b/w April-September) ~ Click Here
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Optional Courses

  • National Federation of High Schools Online Courses ~ Click Here
  • Additional NHHS Online Courses ~ Click Here
  • Coaching Wrestling by National Federation of High Schools (online for $50) ~ Click Here
  • Engaging Effectively with Parents Course (free) ~ Click Here
  • Fundamentals of Coaching (online for $40) ~ Click Here
  • Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect ~ Click Here
  • Protecting Students from Abuse (free) ~ Click Here

LCPS HS Coach Courses

  • Blood Pathogen Course (free) special login required ~ Click Here
  • Chemical GHS Course (free) special login required ~ Click Here
  • Corona Virus Awareness (free) ~ Click Here

Coach Information

  • All NVWF coaches are required to have a current USA membership to participate in team practices and NVWF meets.
  • USA  registration is the responsibility of the individual clubs which must ensure that all participants have appropriately registered with USA wrestling and have a valid membership card.

Background Investigations

The USA Wrestling organization requires all adults of age 18 or older, that plan to coach kids, to voluntarily self initiate a confidential background investigation conducted by an outside party. Once the investigation is complete, a certificate will be provided to the person directly. The certificate is required to be on file with the NVWF and appropriate clubs prior to coaching activities.

A background investigation is expected to be conducted every two years, and may be initiated by first reading the information contained on the USA Wrestling website, CLICK HERE