Betting on sports in India - Betting on sports in India

Sports betting activities have become the number one entertainment for millions of people worldwide. Many sports fans adore watching the games of professional sports teams and have their favourite sportsman that they admire. Sportsbooks give a chance for all sports lovers to predict the gaming results of their favourite teams and earn serious money if their predictions are accurate. Betting increases the interest of people in sports events. It gives chances to win and the thrill of watching the game. Betting on sports is illegal in most Indian states. Sikkim and Meghalaya are the exceptions. However, many licensed foreign platforms accept Indian players. We provide you with top-class Sportsbooks that accept Indian gamblers. You can be sure that you receive the best service on a regulated betting site. The best websites for betting on sports provide newcomers with superb bonuses, a vast list of sports to bet on, and a live stream of sports events. Come on sports betting on our reliable platforms. 

Sports Betting Types 

Sports betting will be profitable only if the player can analyze and predict the outcome of matches. Mindless betting is a lottery where you can both win and lose. There must be a strategy and the ability to analyze many factors that can influence the gaming result. Sports betting can be divided into several types.

  • Match result. The victory of one of the teams or a draw. 
  • Double outcome – the result of a match in which a draw is not taken into account (the first team does not lose or the second team does not lose). 
  • Total goals scored. Place bets on the whole game or individual totals. 
  • Express. Such sports betting contains two or more sporting events.

A passionate online bettor can make several bets. Top sports to bet on in India are football, basketball, and of course cricket. The only legal sport to bet on is horse racing. Football betting is the most popular type of betting today because almost all sports fans know the rules. Hundreds of matches are played every day around the world. It allows betters to bet not only on the top games of European championships and tournaments but local games. Hundreds of matches are played every day around the world. You can try your luck and earn good money. Among the most popular game strategies that many bettors use are bets on events taking place in real-time. Usually, such matches are highlighted in a special section, which makes it easier to find them. Live betting on sports requires a quick reaction to the changes during gameplay. This is the key to a big win.

Mobile Compatibility 

Enjoy watching sports events in real-time and make bets most conveniently. Top-class sportsbooks are mobile-optimized. They create their sites with HTML5 technology. You can get access to your account via the browser of your phone. Most bookmakers have applications for mobile devices. Such apps are easy-to-download and require minimum space on your device. Applications are faster, more convenient, and sometimes more stable than mobile versions of platforms. 


Sports betting has existed for more than a decade, not only complementing the sports industry but also becoming its most powerful part. It unites millions of sports fans around the world. Gamblers in India bet on matches to increase their interest in sports events. People make a bet in the hope of making money: if your knowledge of the sport or athletes is high, you can win and beat the bookmaker. Sportsbooks allow you to bet on various sports – from football, basketball, cricket, and tennis to horse racing and make bets on local games. Sports betting is prohibited in the state. However, Indian residents can join offshore sites that accept Indian bettors. Check our list of recommended betting platforms that are reliable to join and guarantee top-class service. Betting platforms from our list offer multiple sports to bet on, different betting options, and generous welcome rewards! Try your luck and have an unforgettable entertainment time at one of our secure betting sites! Bet on your beloved sports team and predict the result of the next match! Watch broadcasts of top sports events and feel the thrill of every goal made by your favourite team. 

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