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Overview of NVWF:

Club demographics attached.

Updated club location map.

Overview of the entire winter season November thru February:

​Once wrestlers are registered with their clubs, they are expected to also register with NVWF, sign the appropriate waivers, and pay all funds to their club managers. Individual clubs generally assign wrestlers to a practice group based on age, weight, and skill level.  Adjustments are often made upon coach evaluations of skill level, availability of partners at high and low weights, and wrestler attitude or mental capacity. Boys and girls are integrated with all groups.

The winter season 2016-17 NVVW tournament schedule:

First NVWF tournament is mid-December.

All other NVWF tournaments are Sundays select Saturdays in January and February in accordance with club votes at the spring, summer, and fall meetings. 

Due to the volume of registrants, there are two venues upon which clubs are assigned each week to compete. Younger wrestlers start in the morning whereas the older wrestlers compete in the afternoons. 

Season-end Finale Tournament Requirements:

Wrestlers are generally required to participate in a minimum number of tournaments throughout the season to qualify for the final tournament based on NVWF Bylaws and club votes at seasonal board meetings. In season 2015-16 the requirements was one half the total number plus one. 

The season end finale is the last Saturday of February.

Bantams and Midget groups defined as birth years 1/1/2010 - 12/31/2011  and 9/1/2008 - 12/31/2009  are morning.

Senior group defined as birth years 1/1/2002 - 7/31/2004 are afternoon.

The season end finale is also the last Sunday of February.

Junior group defined as birth years 6/1/2006 - 8/30/2008  are in the morning.

Intermediate group defined as birth years 8/1/2004 - 5/31/2006 are afternoon. 

Individual club parties and equipment collections are generally held within the first two weeks of March to complete the season, celebrate accomplishments, and return equipment. 

NVWF registration schedule for Season 2016-17:

Registration is expected to begin mid-September for the regular winter season.

Early registration period is anticipated to be mid-September through mid-November which allows wrestlers to participate in the mid-December NVWF tournament. 

Late registration period is anticipated to be for subsequent period ending mid-December which allows wrestlers to participate in January and February events.

NVWF Event Format:

- Typical event layout

- Table rules references